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Working Safely During Coronavirus (COVID-19) – updated

The visitor economy

This guidance is for people who work in hotels and guest accommodation, indoor and outdoor attractions, and business events and consumer shows. It has been updated to include information about Step 3 of the COVID-19 Response - Spring 2021 (the roadmap).

Step 3

No earlier than 17 May, Step 3 of the government's roadmap will allow for (subject to the data and the four tests set out):

  • Visitor attractions and recreational venues can open both indoor and outdoor areas.

  • Most indoor and outdoor entertainment venues can open to the public.

  • Indoor and outdoor events can take place, but measures apply including following COVID-secure and social distancing guidance.

  • Indoor and outdoor guided tours are permitted, but must operate within the legal gathering limits and follow COVID-secure guidance.

  • Private hire coaches are permitted for a private group of a single household/bubble, and may also accommodate groups containing multiple households travelling together to the same destination or making the same journey (e.g. for the purposes of a leisure tour).

  • All heritage railway services are permitted to operate.

  • Private aircraft and hired self-fly aircraft are permitted for groups of up to 6 people or 2 household/bubbles.

  • Self-drive day-hire of boats is permitted, within the legal gathering limits.

  • Self-drive holiday-hire (where people make overnight stays) of boats is permitted for up to 6 people or 2 households/bubbles.

  • Skippered boats can operate within the legal gathering limits.

  • Domestic cruises (departing from, and returning to, UK ports) can operate, with restrictions on capacity.

The guidance also sets out other relevant measures, such as in relation to social contact.

The full guidance can be found here.

Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, and Department of Energy and Climate Change May 2021

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