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COVID-19: managing workplace safety

This guidance from the CIPD has been updated to reflect the recent changes to COVID-19 restrictions in England.

In England the UK Government's ‘Working Safely’ guidance provides precautions that employers in England can take to manage risk and support their staff and customers. This guidance is due to be replaced in April 2022 as part of the government’s living with COVID-19 plan.

Employers should take an individualised approach to consider the physical, emotional and mental wellbeing of the workforce, as well as following and monitoring ongoing government guidance.

Risk assessments and health and safety measures

Employers must continue to update risk assessments and risk management approaches to safeguard employees’ health and minimise the risk of infection, basing plans on up-to-date government and public health guidance.

Employers can use their COVID-specific risk assessments to assist in their decision-making process, considering the factors referred to above, including the feasibility of implementing social distancing, staff vaccination status and local outbreaks (if any).

Until 1 April 2022 employers must undertake COVID-specific risk assessments, from this date employers can choose whether to consider COVID 19 specifically, or as part of their overall health and safety risk assessments.

Communication with staff is key says the document. Keeping people informed of what a business is doing will give them some degree of security in very uncertain times. Knowing they are valued and supported by their employer – and that you continue to prioritise their health and safety – will be pivotal to their wellbeing.

CIPD February 2022

Please click on the url below for the full document:

Coronavirus (COVID-19) advice for UK employers
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