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Tackling Drug Driving

This Global Fleet Champions factsheet sets out information about measures for addressing drug-driving within fleets.

It stresses that drivers who are impaired by drugs, whether illegal or prescription, are never fit to be in control of a vehicle.

Any drug-driver presents a serious risk to your fleet’s safety and reputation. Robust policies and procedures and a good education programme are vital for ensuring your employees are drug-free and safe to be behind the wheel.

It suggests that common physical signs of drug use include:

  • dilated or pinpoint pupils

  • restlessness

  • tremors

  • paranoia

  • changes in appetite/eating habits

  • a chemical odour on breath or clothes.

Suggested measures are focused around:

  • policy

  • educate

  • deter

  • detect.

The factsheet can be found here.

Global Fleet Champions/Brake October 2021


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