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Factsheet: New EU driving licence on its way – what to expect


Under proposals from the European Commission, a new EU driving licence is proposed. This will allow for the following:

  • Accompanied driving for learner drivers as of 17.

  • Zero drink-driving tolerance for novice drivers.

  • Green transition: the permitted mass of a ‘B’ category vehicle will be increased for zero-emission vehicles as they are heavier.

  • Measures to ensure drivers who break road rules in other EU Member States face the consequences.

  • EU-wide digital driving licence: a world first, the EU will have an e-licence valid across borders.

  • Tests that prepare future drivers for real-life roads, e.g. for sharing roads with cyclists, e-scooters, etc and automated driving.

European Commission March 2023

Please click on the document:

Download PDF • 881KB

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