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Help and Support for Older Workers

This guidance is about employing older workers and working past 50. The guidance is for:

  • Older people who want to get back into work, or stay in work longer.

  • Employers, who benefit by employing older people.

It has been updated so that it includes a section ‘Menopause and the workplace’. It notes that, in July 2021 the Minister for Employment commissioned a report from members of a roundtable of employer organisations which she co-chairs with the Business Champion for Older Workers, on the issue of the menopause and the workplace. The recommendations contained within the report are aimed at bringing about comprehensive change around menopause transition support in the key areas of:

  • government policy

  • employer practice

  • wider societal change

  • specific financial support.

The guidance is available here.

Department for Work and Pensions December 2021


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