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Event Safety Management

The Sports Grounds Safety Authority (SGSA) stresses that, for all individuals involved in the management, organisation or hosting of an event, whatever their role, and whatever the nature of the event or where it is staged, the safety of all people present must take precedence over every other concern.

This principle is upheld by the discipline known as ‘safety management’. It requires forethought, focus, detailed planning and leadership.

It is backed up by information and intelligence gathering, the co-ordination of multiple stakeholders, targeted communications, and the presence of competent staff who are appropriately trained, briefed and resourced.

The SGSA’s Supplementary Guidance 03: Event Safety Management document builds on the sixth edition of the Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds (Green Guide) published in November 2018. It expands on a number of concepts and ideas within the Green Guide, in particular the contents of the Operations Manual and the implementation of Zone Ex.

The guidance covers:

  • basic principles

  • management responsibilities

  • event safety personnel

  • risk management

  • incident management

  • contingency planning

  • operations manual

  • event management plan

  • event records, reviews and audit.

More information is available here.

Sports Grounds Safety Authority September 2021


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