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What’s involved in being a road transport manager

This statutory guidance, issued by the Traffic Commissioners for Great Britain and the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, sets out the responsibilities of road haulage and road passenger transport managers, and defines the skills and knowledge they need.

To become a transport manager, you need skills and knowledge in subjects including civil law, financial management and road safety.

The following guidance documents are available:

As a transport manager for either a road haulage or passenger transport company, you’ll be responsible for things such as making sure that:

  • Drivers have a valid licence and your vehicles are taxed, have a valid MOT and are insured at all times.

  • Vehicles are properly maintained, fit, and serviceable at all times.

  • Work is priced so that it can be done both legally and profitably.

  • Vehicles are loaded safely and not overloaded.

  • Work is arranged so that drivers do not break drivers’ hours rules or have to speed.

This is not a complete list of the things you’ll need to do, as this will vary from organisation to organisation. You must effectively and continuously manage your organisation’s transport activities.

The rest of this guide explains the main responsibilities in detail.

You have to know about these subjects to qualify as a transport manager:

  • civil law

  • commercial law

  • fiscal law

  • business and financial management

  • access to the market

  • technical standards and technical aspects of operation

  • road safety.

These subjects are set out in law.

After you’ve qualified, you must keep your professional knowledge in these subjects up to date to continue being a transport manager.

Traffic Commissioners for Great Britain and Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency November 2021


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