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What If Your Job Was Good For You?

This report from Business in the Community (BITC) identifies actions employers can take to transform wellbeing at work. It sets out how business leaders can create an environment in which employees feel supported to do their best work. It also outlines how to achieve good jobs for all, that drive sustainable positive mental health outcomes.

The report includes the following calls to action for employers:

  • Achieve parity between the management of physical health and safety, and mental health and safety with an open and accountable culture.

  • Enable employees to co-create their own “good jobs” supported by managers and aligned with organisational practices and policies.

The report gives in-depth guidance on how these calls to action can be initiated.

In order to guide action in this area, the report suggests the following:

  • Extend greater autonomy to line managers.

  • Provide an appropriate working environment to employees, no matter where they work.

  • Give employees the opportunity to try new ways of working and involve them in the planning.

The report is available here.

A literature review looking across academic, practice and policy literature which supported the report can be found here.

Business in the Community June 2021

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