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Transportable Pressure Equipment: Conformity Assessment and Marking Requirements in Great Britain

In June, the government issued a consultation to invite comments on amending the requirements for conformity assessment and marking of transportable pressure equipment being placed on the market in Great Britain. This report sets out the government's response.

Responses were received from inspection bodies including:

  • 6 GB-appointed bodies

  • one Northern Ireland notified body

  • 2 EU notified bodies.

Respondents also included:

  • 12 manufacturers

  • 3 owners of TPE

  • 5 operators

  • 5 distributors

  • 10 importers

  • 3 consignors of gases

  • 2 trade associations

  • one organisation involved in filling TPE

  • a cylinder testing company.

Following the consultation, it has been agreed that the carriage of dangerous goods and transportable pressure equipment regulations to end recognition of EU Pi-marked transportable pressure equipment (TPE) amendment will come into force on 1 January 2023.

This outcome report sets out the:

  • Profiles of those responding to the consultation.

  • Responses to the consultation questions.

  • Responses to 6 additional questions that were received from respondents.

The report is available here.

Department for Transport August 2021

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