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Technical information sheet on smoke control management

The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) has published a technical information sheet entitled Smoke Control Management. It aims to support the construction industry’s drive towards increased health and safety in buildings.

The smoke and gasses that are released in a fire kill more people that the fire itself, and so this technical information sheet addresses a need to focus on the ways to design and use effective smoke control solutions in buildings.

The information sheet explains and demonstrates the risk management procedures that are available to help alleviate the impact of smoke and the consequential risk to life and a building’s structural integrity, addressing the responsibilities, processes and technologies that are available.

The document covers:

  • Relevant legislation, guidelines and best practice.

  • Types of buildings and case studies.

  • Design considerations for smoke management and control systems.

  • Levels of engagement with regard to a smoke management systems.

More information is available here.

Construction Manager November 2021


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