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Servicewomen’s Health Handbook

This Ministry of Defence publication provides information about servicewomen’s health needs and how best to manage them. It is for all Service Personnel, regardless of gender. It is for servicewomen who are directly affected by female-specific health issues, for commanders and line managers who have a responsibility to enable their people to be their best, and for colleagues to better understand and support.

The handbook’s purpose is to improve understanding, assist with personal management and normalise conversations regarding female-specific health issues.

It offers servicewomen information to make informed choices on how to be their best at work while also offering top tips and considerations for commanders and servicewomen.

The chapters address the following:

  • Body basics.

  • Urinary health.

  • Menstrual health.

  • The menopause.

  • Contraception and sexual health.

  • Becoming a parent.

  • Health screening.

  • Consent and confidentiality.

Ministry of Defence September 2022

Below for the full document:

Servicewomen’s Health Handbook
Download PDF • 18.69MB

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