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Review of the Highway Code: Rule Revisions Resulting from the Public Consultation

A public consultation to review proposed changes to the Highway Code to improve safety on motorways and other high-speed roads was held between 1 March 2021 and 29 March 2021 and received 3,210 responses from stakeholder organisations, businesses and members of the public.

This report, presents the final development of the Highway Code rule revisions so that readers can see:

  • The existing rule (as currently published), shown in the left-hand column.

  • The proposed revision to the rule as presented in the public consultation, shown in the centre column.

  • The final rule, after due consideration of the feedback obtained from the public consultation, shown in the right-hand column.

The final rules represented in the right-hand column of each table in the document present the final wording and imagery intended to be taken to publication.

Amendments have been made to 33 existing rules, two new rules have been introduced and 6 proposed changes to the additional information and Annexes within The Highway Code have also been made.

The report is available here.

Highways England June 2021

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