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Retailers: Priority Actions: How to Limit the Spread of COVID-19 in the Workplace


This document aims to highlight those actions that are key to controlling Coronavirus (COVID-19) infection in the workplace.

The advice applies to small to large retail settings. It stresses that the guidance is a pre-requisite to undertaking a COVID-19 risk assessment and the workforce/unions should be consulted. The assessment should be regularly reviewed, particularly when the alert level is changed in the area where that business operates.

The ‘hierarchy of controls’ principles should always be adopted in managing Coronavirus in your workplace.

The key actions to take to be as COVID secure as possible are outlined in relation to:

  • all areas

  • shop floor

  • staff restricted areas.

Advice is also given on what to do if an employee or visitor tests positive for Coronavirus. Guidance on minimising the spread of infection in a business is also given.

The document is available here.

Welsh Government March 2021

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