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Protection of Workers from the Risks Related to Exposure to Carcinogens or Mutagens at Work – Direct


Directive 2004/37/EC of the European Parliament and the Council aims to protect workers against risks to their health and safety from exposure to carcinogens or mutagens at the place of work. A consistent level of protection from the risks related to the occupational exposure to carcinogens and mutagens is provided for in that Directive by a framework of general principles to enable Member States to ensure the consistent application of minimum requirements. The aim of these minimum requirements is to protect workers at Union level. More stringent provisions can be set by Member States.

By setting minimum requirements for workers’ protection across the Union, Directive 2004/37/EC improves clarity and contributes to a more level playing field for the economic actors in the sectors that use the substances falling within the scope of that Directive, thereby demonstrating the importance of Union action in this field.

This Directive strengthens the protection of workers’ health and safety at the place of work. It sets out amendments that should be made to Directive 2004/37/EC, and the amendments to be made are set out.

It is noted that Member States shall bring into force the laws, regulations and administrative provisions necessary to comply with this Directive by 5 April 2024.

Official Journal of the European Union March 2022

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