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Plan for new cladding installer certification scheme

A new third-party certification scheme for operatives who install cladding is in development.

The National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC) is working on the CITB-funded project to define competency for rainscreen cladding installation. Since the Grenfell Tower tragedy of 2017, cladding remediation work has been undertaken on hundreds of buildings around the UK.

“A lot of cladding remediation is going on currently, and we need to be sure the people who are doing that are competent to do so,” says NFRC CEO James Talman.

“Our scheme would initially involve assessment of operatives, whereby they would come to a test centre and work on a rainscreen cladding section so we can see how competent they are.”

The cladding certification scheme is based on the NFRC’s existing RoofCERT model, where successful candidates must demonstrate knowledge (through a test), competency (through an NVQ or by showing their experience on a one-day assessment), and through mandatory health and safety courses.

An independent auditor reviews each candidate and those who pass must renew their certification after three years.

Talman believes the RoofCERT model could be a template for accreditation of other specialist construction operatives.

Construction Manager June 2021


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