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Passenger trapped in doors and dragged at London station

The Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB) has issued this Safety Digest. Safety digests are a way of quickly sharing important safety messages when it has been decided not to undertake a full investigation for any of the following reasons:

  • The safety learning has already been covered by a previous recommendation or will be addressed by an ongoing investigation.

  • The safety learning mainly relates to compliance with existing rules, procedures or standards.

A passenger became trapped in the doors of a train which was about to leave platform one at Wood Street station, in north-east London. The train then started to depart from the platform, forcing the passenger to run alongside it.

The Safety Digest suggests that the incident demonstrates the importance of staff responsible for dispatching trains:

  • Being aware of the potential hazards if a train moves when people are in close proximity.

  • Carrying out a thorough final safety check and not relying on the interlock system as proof that it is safe to move a train - these systems are not always capable of detecting objects trapped in closed and locked doors.

RAIB May 2022

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