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PAS 8673 - Draft PAS 8673 Built Environment - Framework for Competence of Individual Building Safety

Issued by the British Standards Institute (BSI), this PAS specifies requirements for building safety competence relevant to the role, functions, activities and tasks of Building Safety Managers, based on the recommendations and core competence criteria set out in BSI Flex 8670. It covers the competence and commitment of Building Safety Managers in regard to:

  • Building structures and building systems.

  • Interaction of systems and components.

  • Operational practices necessary to maintain buildings safe for occupants.

  • Risk management.

  • Managing change, including the consequences of human behaviour.

  • Leadership, communication and planning skills.

  • Personal commitment to ethical behaviour and professional standards.

It describes different levels of competence for classifying Building Safety Managers, depending on the Building Safety Manager’s skills, knowledge, experience and responsibility, and indicates the pathways between the levels. It shows how these levels relate to the competence necessary to manage buildings of different complexity and safety risks. It also gives guidance on assessment of individuals.

It is intended for use by both individual Building Safety Managers and nominated individuals working within organisation Building Safety Managers. (Where the Building Safety Manager is an organisation, it is obliged to appoint a “nominated individual” with the relevant skill, knowledge, experience and behaviours to manage the carrying out of Building Safety Manager duties.)

It is also expected to be of use to:

  • Organisations that will assess the competence and commitment of Building Safety Managers, including professional bodies, trade bodies and those that regulate by statute or facilitate voluntary self-regulation.

  • National accreditation authorities.

  • Government agencies.

  • Employers.

  • Insurers.

The PAS gives guidance on assessment of Building Safety Managers in Annex A. This guidance is intended to be used by:

  • Individuals seeking to assess their existing competence, experience and behavioural traits against the competence requirements set out in this PAS.

  • Persons or organizations seeking to assess whether individuals are competent to take the role of Building Safety Managers relative to the level of competence required for the complexity of the building(s) and safety risks to come under their control.

It is anticipated that this guidance can be used to assure stakeholders that Building Safety Managers are assessed by common and directly comparable methodology and processes.

This PAS does not cover training requirements.

Comments on the PAS must be submitted by 15 September 2021.

More information can be found here.

BSI August 2021

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