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Organisational resilience. Code of practice

This British Standard provides recommendations and guidance to organisations of all sizes and types on developing organisational resilience that:

  • Determines the responsibilities of top management and clarifies the nature, scope and context of organisational resilience appropriate for the organisation.

  • Identifies the natural/environmental, social, human, built and financial capitals as core elements of organisational resilience.

  • Specifies the principles, behaviours, capabilities and characteristics that enable the development, assessment and improvement of organisational resilience.

  • Enables the organisation to deliver against objectives.

  • Identifies dependencies, including the impact of external relationships and contextual influences on organisational resilience.

  • Supports the development of adaptive capacity and a learning culture.

  • Connects other management standards and other activities and resources to efficiently and cost‑effectively build and maintain organisational resilience capabilities.

This British Standard supersedes BS 65000:2014, which is withdrawn.

The revision is based on a body of evidence, from both academia and industry practice, which has emerged since then. This body of evidence shows increasing convergence in the core principles and practices that contribute to more effective organisational resilience. This includes a broader understanding of the scope of organisational resilience, addressing the organisation’s wider system within which it operates and across the five dimensions of finance, operations, human, social and environment. The revision introduces the following principal changes:

  • The standard has been rewritten as a code of practice, which provides clear recommendations to organisations.

  • The scope and context of organisational resilience is clarified and is broader, incorporating the wider ecosystem and five dimensions of finance, operations, human, social and environment.

  • The standard considers both defensive and progressive dimensions, for continuity and adaptability.

  • The core cultural and design principles for organisational resilience are set out; there are four cultural and four design principles.

  • Practices and techniques for developing organisational resilience are recommended.

  • The standard considers maturity, measurement and assurance of organisational resilience, and provides an updated maturity model in Annex A.

This revised standard also builds on existing standards and frameworks that organisations might have in place, for example recognizing that business continuity is a constituent discipline that supports organisational resilience.

British Standards Institute August 2022

Organizational resilience — Code of practice
Download PDF • 2.43MB


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