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Office Safety - Support for Managers & Employee

STN has pulled together a number of documents to assist businesses in supporting SME's with their office working risks. Topics cover Employee & Managers/Directors briefings to support awareness as part of a company's legal requirements to ensure communication, consultation and Personal Assessment as part of a company's Risk Assessment programme.

Finally we have in-depth technical guides to ensure clear and concise understanding is available for those managing risks in-house.

STN Subscribers please follow the individual links below, don't worry if you are not a customer please contact STN and we can provide access to these and many more…

Forms & Checklists – Home working Personal Assessment

Director’s Guide – Office Safety

Directors Guide – Display Screen Equipment

Directors Guide – New and Expectant Mothers

Employee Briefings – Office Safety

Employee Briefings Display Screen Equipment

STN Technical Guide DSE Assessment

Need help with your Office Risk Assessment?

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