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New Rules on Vehicle Safety and Automated Mobility


This factsheet is about the EU General Safety Regulation.

Under the Regulation, all vehicles in the EU will now have to be equipped with a series of new safety features to assist the driver and help better protect passengers, pedestrians and cyclists across the EU. The rules also establish the first legal framework to allow automated and fully driverless cars to become available on European roads.

From 6 July, a range of safety features are required. For example:

For all road vehicles:

  • intelligent speed assistance

  • reversing detection with camera or sensors

  • attention warning in case of driver drowsiness

  • emergency stop signal

  • cybersecurity measures.

For cars and vans:

  • lane keeping assistance

  • advanced emergency braking

  • event data recorders.

For buses and trucks:

  • detection and warnings to prevent collisions with pedestrians or cyclists

  • tyre pressure monitoring systems.

Further measures will be progressively introduced between July 2024 to July 2029, such as advanced driver distraction warning, and safety glass.

The General Safety Regulation also sets a legal framework to have autonomous and driverless cars in the EU. The Commission is to adopt by the summer a series of technical rules to ensure that such vehicles are safe and technology mature enough before they are placed on the market. The factsheet explains these further.

European Commission July 2022

Please click on the url below for the full document:

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