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Model HSE Policy's, Risk Assessments, Permits To Work

STN-Online has created a series of "Off The Shelf" support documents to support your business implement a suitable and sufficient Health and Safety Management System.

Health & Safety Policy & Procedures

All companies employing 5 or more people must by law, have a written Health & Safety Policy specific to their activities.

Our documents are a must for all companies who either do not have a Health & Safety Policy's /Procedures, or whose Policy /Procedures are out of date. STN's documents will not only ensure that you have a legally compliant Health and Safety Policy and associated Safety Procedures, but it can also help to make your workplace a safer and happier place.

A professional Health and Safety Policy can also be used to help demonstrate to your insurers your organisations commitment to a high standard of occupational Health and Safety, which in turn can lead to a reduction in insurance premiums.

The Health & Safety policy document has been written by a qualified and Chartered Safety and Health practitioner and is legally compliant. Our documents are in word format and can be modified to your exact needs. All you need to do is insert your company name.

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