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Managing Home Workers' Health and Safety

Employers have the same health and safety responsibilities for people working at home as for any other worker, according to guidance from the HSE. It applies to those who:

  • Work at home long term.

  • Routinely split their time between their workplace and home (sometimes called hybrid working).

Most of the time, risks to home workers will be low and the actions that should be taken to protect them will be straightforward. Things to consider as part of a risk assessment for home workers include:

  • stress and poor mental health

  • working with display screen equipment

  • their working environment.

Talking to workers about their arrangements is important, as working from home may not be suitable for everyone. For example, some people may not have an appropriate place to work or may prefer to come into the workplace for wellbeing, mental health or other reasons.

This guidance addresses in more detail:

  • risk assessment

  • stress and mental health

  • working with display screen equipment at home

  • working environment and accidents.

It is available here.

HSE November 2021


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