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Managing Driver Speed

This advice is for fleet managers, issued by Global Fleet Champions (a partnership initiative administered by Brake).

It highlights that speed is one of the top three risk factors for work-related driving. Fleet managers, says the advice, need to understand the risks associated with driving too fast, and how they can use policies, procedures and technology to reduce those risks.

Managing speed

The factsheet advises:

  • Manage road risk as part of a broader health and safety policy.

  • Reduce exposure: encourage remote working and video calls instead of face-to-face meetings; use other modes of transport where possible.

  • Review policies to reduce time pressures on drivers.

  • Reduce risks associated with driver distraction and fatigue.

  • Train drivers to improve longer-range observation, hazard anticipation and concentration.

  • Champion a culture where speeding is unacceptable.

The document is available here.

Global Fleet Champions/Brake April 2021

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