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Making Your Workplace COVID-secure During the Coronavirus Pandemic

This HSE guidance has been reviewed. It is predominately for employers, but workers and the self-employed may also find it useful.

It provides an overview of the things that can help to make a workplace COVID-secure. It addresses the following:

  • Risk assessment: this should be updated to manage the risk of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in a business.

  • Social distancing: where possible, keep people two metres apart. If this is not viable, keeping one metre apart with risk mitigation is acceptable.

  • Cleaning, hygiene and handwashing: keeping a workplace clean, and frequent handwashing, is a critical part of making and keeping a business COVID-secure.

  • Ventilation and air conditioning: simple steps can be taken to improve ventilation while maintaining a comfortable temperature.

  • Talk to workers and provide information: consulting and involving people in the steps being taken to manage the risk of Coronavirus in the workplace can, amongst other things, help ensure any changes will work.

  • Working from home: employees working from home should be provided with the necessary equipment and employers should ensure they maintain regular contact with them.

  • Vulnerable workers: risks to workers who are particularly vulnerable to Coronavirus must be considered.

The guidance is available in full here.

HSE April 2021


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