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Kent Access Permit no longer required to access Kent

From today, you will no longer need a Kent Access Permit (KAP) if you’re driving an HGV to the EU from the Port of Dover or the Eurotunnel. The "check if an HGV is ready to cross the border service" will also be closed.

Before you cross the border, you will still need to check you have the paperwork you need to cross the border between Great Britain and the EU. You must also check if you need a coronavirus (COVID-19) test, and when you should get one.

You can continue to access advice through the information and advice sites. Find your nearest site here:

Traffic management in Kent

From Saturday 24th April, work will begin to remove the M20 moveable barrier and return the M20 to normal operation. Traffic management measures will be reinstated in the event of serious disruption to cross channel traffic.

We will inform you as soon as any changes come into effect.


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