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Journey Scheduling and Routing and the Impact on Driver Behaviour

A Factsheet from Global Fleet Champions gives advice to fleet managers. It points out that long hours behind the wheel, and routes through busy, built-up areas, can cause drivers to become stressed and tired. These conditions may lead to dangerous driving behaviours. Fleet managers are advised to think carefully about how they schedule and route journeys to help keep drivers safe and protect other road users.

Drivers who feel pressured by demanding delivery schedules are more likely to take unnecessary risks, it says, suggesting it may lead to:

  • Speeding to make up lost time.

  • Trying to contact customers.

  • Harsh braking and cornering.

  • Hazardous parking.

  • Jumping red lights.

Fleet managers should introduce policies that prioritise safety over performance and make it clear that drivers will not be penalised if they are delayed for unavoidable reasons.

The advice on this factsheet focuses on:

  • Scheduling journeys to prevent driver fatigue.

  • Planning routes to avoid places where people walk and cycle.

  • Creating a journey management plan.

  • Technology to help manage safer journeys.

It is available here.


September 2021

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