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International Comparison of Occupational Health Systems and Provisions

This research was commissioned to conduct a comparative case study review of 12 countries in order to gain a greater understanding of the occupational health (OH) landscape internationally.

The review sought to provide an overview of the OH systems and provision of services, with the aim to identify variations in their content, systems, structure, coverage, and delivery. It was also designed to enable an understanding of how different OH systems are designed, to drive positive employment outcomes. More specifically, the comparative case study review sought to conduct a comparative analysis across the following topic areas:

  • The legal and policy context.

  • The organisation and delivery of OH services.

  • Financing and coverage of such systems.

  • Minimum standards.

  • OH professionals involved in delivery of care.

  • Employers’ responsibilities and methods used to support and incentivise employer-led actions.

The findings of this research have highlighted the variation in the organisation and delivery of OH services, the resulting variation in access to OH for the workforce, and the common policy challenges that exist between countries. This has informed policy development into occupational health specifically through the development of proposals in the Health is Everyone’s Business consultation and will continue to inform future policy development.

Find the full report here.

Department for Work and Pensions July 2021

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