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Getting the Most out of Your Telematics Data

In-vehicle data recorders, also known as ‘telematics’, can record and process a lot of information very quickly. This factsheet from Brake/Global Fleet Champions explains how telematics data can be used effectively, to manage road risk within an organisation.

According to the factsheet, a telematics system can:

  • Monitor driver behaviour and identify risks.

  • Provide feedback to drivers in real time.

  • Alert drivers to potential hazards.

  • Track vehicle position and use.

  • Find out why crashes occur and take action to prevent future crashes.

It is suggested that 90-95% of collisions involve preventable driver errors. The following can be monitored using telematics:

  • inappropriate speed for road conditions

  • driver distraction

  • breaks taken

  • distance driven

  • harsh braking and cornering

  • acceleration.

The factsheet gives information about effective telematics systems and suggests tips for effective implementation. It is available here.

Brake June 2021

Download PDF • 146KB

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