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First Aid Kits - Chainsaw Operators

Issued by the Forest Industry Safety Accord, this document gives a list of what a chainsaw operator needs for his/her personal first aid kit.

It is intended to provide advice to Chainsaw Operators and FWM’s on what reasonable expectations are regarding the provision and supply of first aid kits for chainsaw operators. It can also be a helpful list offering suggestions of first aid kit provision for other isolated or rural workers operating in forestry.

It states that a personal First Aid kit for Chainsaw Operators should include the following as standard:

  • 1 X Trauma dressing

  • 1 X Pair of plastic gloves

  • 1 X Resusiaide

  • 1 X Haemostatic gauze

  • 1 X Tourniquet.

The document also provides background information based on HSE advice and illustrates certain first aid kit items for further guidance.

Forest Industry Safety Accord March 2022


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