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Fire and Rescue Incident Statistics: England, Year Ending September 2021

This document sets out statistics on fires, casualties, false alarms and non-fire incidents attended by fire and rescue services (FRSs) in England for the year ending September 2021.

FRSs attended 537,039 incidents in the year ending September 2021, representing virtually no change compared with the previous year (539,418). Of these incidents, there were 145,208 fires which was a 5% decrease compared with the previous year (153,438).

There were 243 fire-related fatalities in the year ending September 2021 compared with 231 in the previous year.

Of all incidents attended by FRSs, fires accounted for 27%, fire false alarms 41% and non-fire incidents 32%, compared with fires accounting for 36%, fire false alarms 42% and non-fire incidents 23% ten years ago.

Fire and rescue incident statistics- England, year ending September 2021
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Home Office February 2022

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