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Fire and Rescue Incident Statistics: England, Year Ending March 2022

This document focuses on incidents and fires attended by fire and rescue services, fire-related fatalities, casualties from those fires and response times to those fires. It has been published by the Home Office.

Key results

Fire and Rescue Services (FRSs) attended 577,053 incidents in the year ending March 2022, an 11% increase compared with the previous year (518,270). Of these incidents, there were 152,608 fires which was a one% increase compared with the previous year (151,095).

The increase in incidents attended this year compared with the previous year was driven by increases in all three main incident types (fires, non-fire incidents and fire false alarms), as restrictions to life due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in the previous year may have reduced the number of certain incident types and this should be borne in mind when considering year on year comparisons.

There were 272 fire-related fatalities in the year ending March 2022 compared with 237 in the previous year. The 272 fire-related fatalities included 99 fire-related fatalities from the final three months of 2021, which was the highest quarterly figure recorded since April, May and June in 2017 (the quarter the Grenfell Tower fire occurred in) and prior to that the largest since October, November and December in 2008 - the quarterly figure for January to March 2022 is more in line with recent quarterly data, whereas at this stage the quarterly figure for October to December 2021 appears to be an outlier.

In the year ending March 2022, of all incidents attended by FRSs, fires accounted for 26%, fire false alarms 40% and non-fire incidents 34%, compared with fires accounting for 37%, fire false alarms 41% and non-fire incidents 22% ten years ago.

Home Office August 2022

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