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Continuing to Keep Workplaces Safe From Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Guidance from the HSE sets out the latest information on working safely during the pandemic. It also provides details of advice from public health bodies and other government departments on requirements that aren’t enforced by the HSE.

Employers must still control the risks and review and update your risk assessment. The following workplace controls remain unchanged:

  • adequate ventilation

  • sufficient cleaning

  • good hand hygiene.

The workforce must be consulted on health and safety matters, says the guidance.

Reducing the risk of transmission during the pandemic can be achieved by taking measures to limit the number of people workers are in contact with, for example using fixed teams or partnering. Measures identified by the risk assessment should take account of the public health regulations and guidance for the nation you are working in.

The guidance covered in this document addresses:

  • controls to reduce the risk from COVID-19

  • vaccinations

  • face coverings

  • workplace testing

  • testing and contact tracing.

It is available here.

HSE November 2021


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