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Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development Health and safety at work

This document, issued by the CIPD, outlines employers’ health and safety obligations in the UK.

It looks at the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and some associated legislation, examining employers’ health and safety obligations which include carrying out risk assessments, publishing a health and safety policy, appointing health and safety representatives, and providing safety information and training.

It also offers guidance on writing a health and safety policy and employers' duties at the place of work. It concludes by looking at the reporting of accidents and diseases at work.

The document covers health and safety during the pandemic, noting that as workplaces reopen, the challenge is getting people back to work without jeopardising progress made on controlling the virus spread. Workplaces need to be re-opened safely, with adequate cleaning regimes and equipment checks. There may be fear amongst employees in returning to workplaces, emphasising the need for precautions to reassure them that the workplace is safe to return to.

UK law on health and safety at work, and UK employers' health and safety obligations are explored. The document is available here.

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