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BS ISO 45004. Occupational health and safety management. Guidelines on performance evaluation

This BSI document is intended to help organisations to effectively monitor, measure, analyse and evaluate occupational health and safety (OH&S) performance.

OH&S performance evaluation includes the processes that the organisation chooses to assess the adequacy of activities that are expected to achieve OH&S intended results.

OH&S performance is normally evaluated by using a combination of processes and sources of information such as incident investigation, inspections, audits, qualitative and quantitative indicators, culture surveys and interviews.

This document provides guidance on performance evaluation processes, including:

  • Selection and use of performance indicators.

  • Monitoring, measuring, analysing and evaluating data.

  • Unintended consequences.

  • Limitations, such as under-reporting over-reporting and data distortion.

The document can be used by organisations of all types, regardless of whether they have implemented a formal OH&S management system.

It provides examples which demonstrate how to evaluate performance to drive improvements and create safer and healthier workplaces, better protect workers, and support the organisation in achieving its intended results.

The document recommends a balanced approach based on selection of performance evaluation processes and indicators, with emphasis on proactive (leading) OH&S performance indicators. It recognizes that over-emphasis on past performance (lagging) indicators, such as incidence and frequency rates, can undermine efforts to improve OH&S performance.

As every organisation is unique, and OH&S intended results vary, there is not a standardised set of performance evaluation processes or set of indicators that fulfil the needs of all organisations. Therefore, every organisation has to identify performance evaluation processes and indicators to suit its needs.

Effective performance evaluation can help the organisation to achieve continual improvement, but the way it is carried out can also produce unintended consequences. The most common of these consequences are discussed in the document.

This document is applicable to all organisations regardless of type, industry sector, level of risk, size, or location. It is designed to complement ISO 45001 by providing performance evaluation approaches that align with requirements of that standard. This document can be used independently, by any organisation, to improve OH&S performance.

Comments on this draft must be sent by 4 April 2023.

Draft BS ISO 45004 occupational health and safety management - guidelines on performance e
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BSI February 2023


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