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Active Travel: Getting People Back to Work Safely

This Active Travel: Getting people back to work safely toolkit, issued by Business in the Community, outlines some of the challenges and opportunities in promoting active travel in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the pressure to respond to the climate emergency. It also includes the latest examples of best practice from leading responsible businesses.

Despite offices being shut for most of 2020, the national lockdown has led to increased walking and cycling. Figures published by the Department for Transport, show that between May and July, 39% of people were walking more, and 38% of people were cycling more than before the outbreak of the pandemic.

Although this increase in walking and cycling was predominantly recreational, there is now the opportunity to embed the changes seen during the national lockdown into long-term travel habits as part of the broader changes in how we work and travel following the pandemic.

This toolkit includes:

  • The business case for active travel.

  • What national funding is available.

  • What are the barriers/opportunities.

  • Examples of how other business, such as Fujitsu and Heathrow, are embracing active travel initiatives.

The Toolkit is available here.

Business in the Community June 2021

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