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AA reveals top MOT defects

Lamps, reflectors and electrical equipment top the list of MOT defects with them being flagged on almost 3.75 million failed tests, analysis suggests.

Suspension, brakes, tyres and visibility defects completed the top five MOT failures, according to MOT data examined by AA Approved Garages.

It is advising drivers with MOTs due this between September to December to book early as more than 10 million car, van and minibus MOTs are expected to take place throughout the autumn.

Penny Stoolman, managing director of AA Approved Garages, said: “With more than 10 million MOT tests due to take place, the scramble for slots could be chaotic.”

In a poll of more than 13,000 drivers, two-fifths (43%) believed the main reason for MOT failure was due to tyre related damage.

Similarly, drivers were asked what they believed the initial MOT failure rate was, with the average answer being 39%.

However, analysis by AA Approved Garages reveals that three-in-10 (29%) cars, vans and minibuses initially failed their MOT.

Garages will see a forecasted 3.27 million vehicles for MoTs in September, compared with 2.64 million in the same month four years ago in 2018.

With many businesses forced to hang onto ageing vehicles for longer than intended due to current new vehicle shortages, fleets are already under rising pressure to be more vigilant about vehicle maintenance and repair.

Unexpected mechanical failures, especially from older models, can put a serious dent in profits when it comes to business downtime if vehicles are required to be off the road for a significant period of time.

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