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Forms & Checklists Audit/Inspections

We offer a variety of Auditing and Inspection services along with forms and checklists. The ‘depth’ and scope of the audit/inspections forms or checklist will be designed to suit your requirements.

Examples of the types of audit/inspection typically required might be:

·       Audits of current systems/policies/procedures

·       Walk-through’ inspections of premises, checking for general conditions, display of statutory notices, etc.

·       Inspections of a specific location where there may be particular ‘problems’ ie machine guarding in a workshop.

·       Construction site inspections (ie under CDM)

One of our team of Consultants would be pleased to discuss specific organisational requirements and make recommendations to assist in deciding the structure and scope of audits/inspections.

Based on the results of an audit/inspection (or as an independent service) we would be pleased to prepare/assist in the preparation of the following –

·       Health & Safety Policy Documentation

·       Procedures

·       Safe Systems of Work

·       In-house Guidance Notes/Work Instruction Sheets, etc

·       Specific Assessments, Monitoring etc

·       Any other H&S related issue

Retained Clients are offered favourable rates.

Please contact us for further information and pricing details

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