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Bespoke HSE Training & Toolbox Talks

Making a Difference

Through our Support Services, we have the potential to make a real and positive change in the community. This is one of our key areas of focus here at SafeTeeNet, and a source of much success for our Environmental Health Service. Get in touch with us today and see how you can lend a helping hand with this program.

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Bespoke HSE Training & Toolbox Talks: Service


Knowledge is your number one tool in preventing workplace injuries and building a team of safety champions. Our health and safety training services provide the specialist know-how you need to make compliance a core part of your culture.


Whatever your compliance goals or requirements, we provide health and safety training courses to suit. Choose from IOSH-approved programmes that offer a solid grounding in occupational safety, or niche sector accreditations that expand your employees’ skill set. Here’s just a snapshot:

- IOSH Managing Safely

- IOSH Working Safely

We also design and deliver tailor-made courses to tackle your company’s key compliance issues:

- Manual handling

- Risk assessment

- Working at height

- Asbestos awareness

- Workplace transport

- Fire warden training and more


We’d love to talk through your health and safety training needs. Contact the team today to create the learning solution that’s right for you.

Toolbox Talks 

The Health and Safety at Work Act etc 1974 requires you to provide health and safety information, instruction and training. Toolbox talks can be part of this, and much more.

Toolbox talks are important, These small health and safety moments give you and your team the chance to discuss issues that could put you in harm's way. Good leadership and strong management commitment are vital to a successful health and safety strategy. Putting health and safety on the agenda each day shows that it's something that is taken seriously. And if it's taken seriously at the top, health and safety is more likely to be taken seriously at all levels of the business. What better way to show management commitment to safe working practices than a daily reminder.

The benefits of giving toolbox talks might make you consider taking 5-10 minutes out of each day to talk about safety. There are many reasons why daily toolbox talks are better for your business, health and safety management, and the team.

By starting each day with a quick 5-10 minute toolbox talk, it serves as a reminder about the importance of health and safety at work. It gets employees minds focused on the hazards and risks they are about to face. It reminds them of what they need to do to stay safe. It starts the day with a positive health and safety attitude.

Things change, it’s a fact of life. Whether there has been a change in regulations or introducing a new tool or substance, it is important to keep the team up to date. A change in regulations might mean new procedures need to be followed. A new tool might mean a new way of working. A new substance could require different PPE or handling safety measures.

A quick toolbox talk can be used to communicate any updates or changes to workers. It might be used to discuss how the changes will affect them, and what new procedures are in place.

What business doesn't want a positive health and safety culture? It keeps your workers safe, keeps your business out of trouble, and Can Save you Money  That's a triple win! So why do some businesses have poor health and safety records? Because growing a positive health and safety culture takes time and effort, and everyone’s involvement.

Your health and safety culture is the values, attitudes, competency and behaviours of everyone in the business. Regular toolbox talks can form part of the health and safety management system to grow your health and safety culture in a positive way.

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